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“Ain’t Nothing Like Being Free”


This Sunday, September 4th at 8:30pm

station923 presents an outdoor screening:

“Ain’t Nothing Like Being Free” is the second documentary film by John Meyer: a uniquely juxtaposed showcase of dreamers, adventurers, and madmen set in the swampy environs of central Florida. Time is spent with a priest who claims to have visited heaven three times, an amateur psychic archaeologist in search of Ponce De Leon’s cabin, a group of rappers from Orlando, and a self-proclaimed redneck turned actor.


Oracle Plus: Psychic sisters Miel and Steph Lister experiment with moving and touchable images. Drawing dreams behind your eyelids, Oracle Plus penetrates the psyche with synchronized psychedelic pseudo-science performance. From Oakland, CA via Florida.

Dungeon Bronco Vidz 2016. A paradisiacal Wreckage. Collaged re-working of Video Artist Jenny Bronco’s last 4 years of lo-fi home video, processed, and re-processed. Doors slam, people pee, tapes burn, and sometimes you hear a Grateful Dead song….

The Trailer for the upcoming film “Ain’t Nothing Like Being Free”