The blog portion of the site is primarily the product of Wylie Schwartz, a doctoral candidate in art history at Binghamton University specializing in postwar European art.  Wylie received her BA in Journalism from the University of Georgia, and her MA in the History of European Art from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. Her passion for art lies within modern and contemporary art history and critical theory, the French-American axis of the avant-garde, and the possibility of a unifying world art theory.

Selected Writings by Wylie Schwartz:

Time and Tide, Review of Noriko Ambe at The Warehouse Gallery, in Afterimage, July/August 2012 (Volume 40, no. 1)

Art at Hand, Review of Ann Hamilton at Colgate University, in Afterimage, May/June 2012 (Volume 39, no. 6)

Public Artists Meal and Roti Hang Show Inside, in Ithaca Times, Nov 16, 20011

Shapes of Things, Profile of Josh Sperling, in Ithaca Times, May 18th, 2011

A Slice of Splendor: Johnson Museum Showcases American Abstract Artists, in The Ithaca Times, February 2011

Minimalist Departure, Interview with Robert Andrade, in TheIthacaPost, October 2010

Invisible Cities, Review of Michael Ashkin at the Johnson Museum, in TheIthacaPost, June 2010

Geometric Abstractions: Review of Josh Sperling, in The Ithaca Times, March 2010

Interview with David Dixon, in The Ithaca Times, October 2009

Strange Inspiration, Review of Zevi Blum, in The Ithaca Times, September 2009

Video/Art/Ithaca, by Claudia Pederson and Wylie Schwartz, in The Ithaca Times, April 2009

Art of the Earth, in The Ithaca Times, Feb 2009

Review of Kollabor8, in Furtherfield.org, October 2007

Home, Sweet Home, Review of Karen Brummund, in The Ithaca Times, August 2007

Earth Shaking, Review of Barbara Mink, in The Ithaca Times, July 2007

Review of Mediartists, in Furtherfield.org, April 2007

Review of Ursula Von Rydingsvard, in The Ithaca Times, April 4, 2007

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