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July show at station923

station923 presents:


Clara Chapin

Opening reception Friday, July 25th

6 to 9pm

On view by appt from July 25 – September 3, 2014


Sets of objects, images, and phrases, placed beside one another elaborate miniature dramas. They function as parataxis a literary tool which juxtaposes simple sentences or statements (without any hierarchy  or conjunction) to create meaning in a physical context.  [Greek, a placing side by side, from paratassein, to arrange side by side : para-, beside; see para-1 + tassein, tag-, to arrange.]The vocabulary of elements presented in these sets are culled from the last two years and touch upon the weather, inter-subjectivity, desire, tragedy, feminism and chromology.  Through the ordering of these fragments, and gestures, narratives can be derived. The stories are further informed by the fact of them being displayed in a domestic environment.  Station 923, in addition to being a space for art exhibition since 2011, is a home and frequently hosts friends, as well as airbnb guests.  These are just things to live with.

 Whatever may be either retained or omitted, without making any sensible difference, is not properly a part.



Screening at dusk by the

Ithaca Fantastic Film Festival:

JSA, Park Chan-Wook; 2000

JSA-vertSummer mini series at Station923: Revisiting political thrillers

Station 923 and The Ithaca Int’l Fantastic Film Festival are putting together a three film mini-series to re-explore the political thriller genre with selections spanning the 30 years before the new millennium from across three territories. From Park Chan-Wook’s, South-Korean, film industry game-changer, JSA (Joint Security Area, 2000); to the vanguard experimental film, Michel Deville’s Le Dossier 51 (1976); to Alan Pakula’s second instalment in the paranoia trilogy, The Parallax View (1974), each of these films changed the way we see cinema.

JSA, Park Chan-Wook; 2000

When two North Korean soldiers are murdered in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea, a Swiss-born officer is brought in to investigate. While looking into the murders, she interviews both North and South Korean officers and learns that the histories, and intrigue, run deeper than originally thought.

another year, and the state of ruined state(s)

Hard to believe it is June already, and with this spell of lovely warm weather we’ve been having, it feels like we are full on into summer, even though it is still technically spring.

The new season also marks the passing of the 4th winter endured by Robert Andrade’s Ruined State(s), the site-specific sculpture created in the front yard of station923. Andrade created the work in August 2010, just as he was completing the MFA program at Cornell. The piece consists of five square concrete panels, each imprinted with a section of a map of ancient Rome.


The intention, in part, was for the piece to crack and become ruins. We were hedging our bets last year that this would be the year the sculpture would be riven from foliage pushing up from beneath. Nope. Each panel is still intact, and while more weeds have sprung up from in between the panels, the overall structure is solid as ever, with no sign of any new cracking. The piece is certainly settling into the surrounding landscape in a more noticeable manner than previous years.


Rumor has it the artist will be passing through Ithaca this weekend. We hope he’ll be able to drop by to see for himself how his work has weathered the years.