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July exhibit


Symmes Gardner

Ocean / at sea

artist’s reception: 7.17.12 from 5 to 8pm

Ocean / at sea is a multi-channel video and sound installation which explores the environment and nature of vast bodies of water as well as our concepts of equilibrium and imbalance. Comprised of five monitors and two projections, Ocean / at sea seeks to examine the complex association we have with these liquid entities as well as how we respond to them on a physical, psychological, and symbolic level.

All imagery and sound for Ocean / at sea is appropriated from a wide range of cinematic sources and music archives. The artist’s overarching interest lies in developing reconstructed visual situations that re-clarify and challenge our basic perceptual expectations. Ocean / at Sea presents oceans and/or seas literally through multiple lenses, exposing their unique architecture, fluidity, periods of calm and activity, and ultimately the power these immersive environments have on our consciousness.

On view through 7.24.12 by appt

And, at dusk: Cronocrímenes

Screening hosted by the Ithaca International Film Festival

As part of promotions for the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival (to be held November 16th-18th, 2012 at Cinemapolis and Cornell Cinema), Station923 will be hosting the third in a series of free film screenings, all selected by the folks at IIFFF. July’s screening continues with the series theme of showing first feature films from up and coming young directors.  This time we’ll be screening Cronocrímenes (Timecrimes, Nacho Vigalondo, 2007; Spain) at 9:30pm on Tuesday, July 17th, directly following the opening of Symmes Gardner’s exhibition Ocean / at Sea.

Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo does a delightful job of playing with the traditional science fiction concept of time travel in Los Cronoscrímines, a unique, low-budget drama.  Screenwriter Damon Lindelof has cited the film as the main influence for last two seasons of LOST (Liber/Lindelof/Abrams, ABC; 2004-2010), and indeed, the film presents an amazing visual and narrative tour-de-force.

Vigalondo has also demonstrated his great flexibility and talent with his second feature film, Extraterrestrial, which debuted last year at FantasticFest (Austin, TX). While many fans were expecting another high concept thriller in the vein of Los Cronoscrimines, Nacho presented this incredibly touching and well-crafted film, which he describes as “an alien invasion movie without aliens.” With Nacho working on several upcoming projects, including the adaptation of Mark Millar’s graphic novel Supercrooks and the anthology films ABCs of Death and The Profane Exhibit, perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to be surprised once again with a third feature that exhibits even more of the director’s hidden talents.

Instead of watching the trailer for Cronocrímenes, which includes some spoilers(!), check out this link to one of Nacho’s first shorts — 7:35 de la mañana — to get a taste of his unique voice in writing and filmmaking: