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Final show of 2012 season

The Stationmaster’s Unspeakable Hobby

an installation by

Brody Burroughs and Kurt Piller

Artist’s reception: Friday, October 26, 2012

from 5pm to 9pm

Hot mulled cider and donuts will be served.

Dare ye enter the humble abode of Ithaca’s last stationmaster?

On Friday October 26th, you are invited to explore the uncelebrated history of this native son through an intimate immersion into his freshly exhumed living quarters/workshop, currently known as 923 East Shore Drive. Local alternative historians Brody Burroughs and Kurt Piller curate “The Stationmaster’s Unspeakable Hobby,” an exhibit which delivers an unsavory taste of our stationmaster’s unadulterated inner space and demons. What was he attempting to achieve there? Did he succeed? Was he truly yesteryear’s falsely maligned genius of pseudoscience, or merely a visionary farceur of the near-flung future? Only you may judge. Heralded as “the Pompeii of Upstate New York,” and banned in three Provinces of Canada, this installation promises and provides revelations on par with Al Capone’s Vault and tempts the viewer to dwell upon the indescribable confusion of habitat and inhabitant.

The installation will be on view through Nov 15th by appt. 

About the artists:

After growing up in southwestern Pennsylvania, Brody Burroughs attended Kenyon College and Indiana University. He has taught drawing and painting at the University of New Hampshire, Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas, and, currently, at Ithaca College. At other times, he has washed dishes, filled potholes, fried catfish and painted for a living. He also enjoys working with kids and seniors, and maintains a streak of residencies and public art projects in the communities of Washington and Johnstown, PA.

As a child, Kurt Piller enjoyed watching Bob Ross, reading comic books, and drawing dinosaurs and spaceships. In high school, he started painting dinosaurs, spaceships and comic book characters on Secret Caverns billboards. He kept doing it for another 25 years, refining his folk art style. He recently spent way too much time painting one of Ithaca’s electrical boxes for the 21 Boxes project. He suffers from what the medieval monks called horror vaculi, or fear of unfilled spaces.

Also on view:

Daren Kendall’s sculptural installation ‘Station to Barn as Apparatus to Hand,’ which has been permanently installed in front of the gallery. The work will be completed  in Spring 2013.

where you are

In anticipation of tomorrow’s artist reception screening, check out the piece written about the event in today’s Ithaca Times:

Daren Kendall

Daren Kendall Gives A Sense of Where You Are At Station923

Posted: Wednesday, September 5, 2012 12:00 am

By Bill Chaisson | 


An excerpt:

Station923 on East Shore Drive is coming to the end of its third season. “Our schedule is the opposite of that of the rest of the art world,” said curator Wylie Schwartz. “We’re open from May through October and do one show a month.”

The venue was originally a dwelling for a railroad conductor, but Cornell graduate student David Dixon, who was using the space as a studio, began mounting installation-oriented art exhibitions there. After Dixon received his MFA, Schwartz said that a lot of people told that it was be great if someone could continue Dixon’s mission.

“There just isn’t a venue for progressive, innovative are here,” said Schwartz, who just began a Ph.D. program at Binghamton University. “We wanted to provide that. It is a place for artists who want space and feedback.”

Station923 will open a new show with a reception from 5 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, September 6 by Daren Kendall, who recentedly finished his MFA at Cornell and is now a teaching associate in sculpture at the university.

Kendall’s installation is called “Station to Barn As Apparatus to Hand.” The goal of his work is to help people pay attention to the space they are in.


click here to read the whole story.