Monthly Archives: May 2013

the state of Ruined State(s)


Spring has definitely sprung, and after its third winter, Robert Andrade’s Ruined State(s), the site-specific sculpture installation installed  in the front yard of station923 has never looked better. Andrade created the work in August 2010, just as he was completing the MFA program at Cornell. The piece consists of five square concrete panels, each imprinted with a section of a map of ancient Rome.

The intention, in part, was for the piece to crack and become ruins. While the structural integrity of the panels are still holding up well,  the sculpture is settling in to the surrounding landscape in a more striking manner than in previous years. There are also some interesting markings occurring on the surface, although we are not sure yet whether these are temporary, as well as the addition of a few additional cracks. We look forward to seeing how this work continues to evolve.