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season begins with a memorable performance

A heartfelt thanks to all who came out to last night’s performance and screening, the first of the summer events at station923.

What an exceptional way to kick off the new season – we still have goosebumps from watching “Cured Redux,” an audio and visual performance by Taylan Cihan, Tyran Grillo, and Daren Kendall. The hour-long piece performed just after dark had viewers transfixed with a mesmerizing combination of electronic soundscapes created live outside the gallery space (Cihan), which intermingled with the sound of a male voice broadcast from inside the space (Grillo) as he recited words  harvested from his subconscious by means of a digital voice recorder that he kept handy while falling asleep, a collection of ramblings compiled over the years and used for the first time during the station923 performance. Toward the end, as he ran out of text, he improvised. All the while, just outside the studio space, Kendall, working by headlamp, transformed the sculptures he created during the summer of 2013 at station923 by hammering and chiseling at their facades to expose more of the underlying structures, or by altering them in other ways.

Here are some time lapse images documenting the event:




Stay tuned for an interview with the three to appear on this site…

station923 kicks off new season with a performance and a screening

station923 is pleased to announce the first event of the 2014 season, marking our fourth summer of exhibitions!

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

“Cured Redux”


Join us from 8:30 to 9:30pm for a visual and audio performance titled Cured Redux by Taylan Cihan (sounds), Tyran Grillo (words), Daren Kendall (material).
about the artists: 
  • Daren Kendall has presented his work at Georgia Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, Fordham University, and Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts, and invited ​as the Barstow ​Artist-in-Residence at Central Michigan University.
  • A doctoral student in music composition at Cornell University, Taylan Cihanis invested in exploring the spontaneity of sound via improvising with his handmade electronic musical instruments.
  • Tyran Grillo is a Ph.D. candidate in Asian Studies at Cornell University, where his research focuses on intersections of humanity and animality in contemporary Japanese literature.
The performance will be followed by an outdoor fireside screening (weather permitting) of Giulio Paradisi’s Stridulum (The Visitor, 1979).

Screening presented by the Ithaca Fantastic Film Festival

please park in the lot across the street to allow more viewing space for the performance