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August 26: Ahmed Ozsever



Ahmed Ozsever



reception: 6-9pm

Ahmed Ozsever’s work explores perceptions of time through the embedded memory traces that manifest in both constructed and natural environments. Ahmed works in installation utilizing various materials and techniques including video, sound, and text; all of which are informed by photographic way of looking and thinking.

The forthcoming exhibition Arche/Structure looks at infrastructure as the bridge between highly regimented quotidian time and seemingly unquantifiable geological time. The subject matter is inspired by Station 923’s proximity to the now defunct Ithaca-Geneva rail line, originally constructed to supersede the canal structure of New York State. The resulting works are immersive and experiential; eliciting sensations of compressed distance while establishing relationships between the domestic space and landscape through forced and obscure vantage points. The exhibition will feature sculptural, photographic, and sound components; installed to seamlessly transition from one to the next, while engaging the unique architecture of the space.

Ahmed currently lives and works in Chicago, IL. Arche/Structure continues in the lineage of his recent exhibition Tracing the Inevitable Axis/Point (2015). Ahmed earned his MFA from Cornell University in 2015 and is excited to be returning to Ithaca for this upcoming exhibition.

On view through September 2nd