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final show of 2013 season: We Three


WE THREE: Flemming Ove Bech, Fryd Frydendahl, Bernard Yenelouis is a collaborative project done long-distance between Ithaca, New York City and Copenhagen in which each participant has circulated photographic images among themselves. The auto-curatorial structure of on-line sharing is shaped by the simultaneous intimacy and distance of three old friends in a sustained virtual conversation done over a passage of several months. The epistolary selection of images creates its own associations when installed in situ at Station923.

Bech_1Flemming Ove Bech lives in Copenhagen, Denmark where he works with photography, print making, sculpture and independent publishing. In 2010 Bech co-founded the publishing company Lodret Vandret. Bech is the author of Olympiasieger (Vandret, 2013), sonic booms to consider (Vandret, 2012), and Formes Anterieures (Je Suis une Bande des Jeunes, 2011).

Fryd Frydendahl is a photographer, video maker and book artist in in New York City. Frydendahl is part of the performance group Birds Frydendahl
production, Bird Mitsudahl
. In 2007 Frydendahl published Familiealbum (Nyt Nordisk Forlag Arnold Busck); the book features a collection of portraits from The Youth House, a legendary Danish punk venue that was evicted and demolished in 2007. In 2011 Frydendahl published her zine Personal Spam, followed by Romeoville. Frydendahl is the author of The Summer of Yes (Nyt Nordisk Forlag Arnold Busck, 2012) and in collaboration with the Danish artist Halfdan Pisket the forthcoming winter (Gladiator, 2013).

Bernard Yenelouis is an artist and writer, based in Ithaca, NY. His most recent project is How to Live in the City, Milstein Gallery, Cornell University (2012). He has shown at Yenelouis_2Momenta Art, Kravets-Wehby, Sue Scott, Monya Rowe and Rare galleries in New York City, the Kristi Engle Gallery in Los Angeles, and at the Detroit International Video Festival. Yenelouis has published in ConveyorPastelegramsaint-lucyBomb, and 10×10 American Photobooks (Book Dummy Press, 2013).  Forthcoming projects will be included in Memories Can’t Wait (Secretary Press, 2013) and the journal Diacritics (2014).


Opening Reception:

Friday October 11th, 2013

6 to 8pm


923 E. Shore Drive

Ithaca, NY  14850