Past Exhibits & Events




Stephanie Clark

Opening: Friday, May 6, 2016 / 6PM-9PM

Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor represents a series of new work by Stephanie Clark that considers the wood pallet as support, frame, and material. While walking past construction sites Clark realized that the forms of the pallets were aesthetically transformative and interrupted the ways in which she navigates and perceives her physical environment.

At once referencing painterly concerns and what it means for an object to shift into one realm from another, Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor makes manifest the transitions that we all make when existing within the constructs of modernity or post-modernity.

What does it mean when we relate to objects that are deemed unnecessary and what does it mean to repurpose and use them once again to build a new field or spatial relationship? How do marks and gestures represent a history, a genealogy and a physical remembrance of time passed and events impacted?

STEPHANIE CLARK (b. 1988, White Sands Desert, NM) is an MFA Visual Arts Candidate at Cornell University. Her work has been featured on the arts and culture blog, Booooooom!, Vancouver, BC, Canada; in Paradigm Magazine, Philadelphia, PA; on the cover of the Chicago Review, Issue 59:1/2, Chicago, IL; in Bat City Review, Issue 11, Austin, TX; and in Studio Visit Magazine, Issue 30, Boston, MA. Clark has exhibited both nationally and internationally. This is her first solo show with station923.



Ahmed Ozsever


Ahmed Ozsever’s work explores perceptions of time through the embedded memory traces that manifest in both constructed and natural environments. Ahmed works in installation utilizing various materials and techniques including video, sound, and text; all of which are informed by photographic way of looking and thinking.

The forthcoming exhibition Arche/Structure looks at infrastructure as the bridge between highly regimented quotidian time and seemingly unquantifiable geological time. The subject matter is inspired by Station 923’s proximity to the now defunct Ithaca-Geneva rail line, originally constructed to supersede the canal structure of New York State. The resulting works are immersive and experiential; eliciting sensations of compressed distance while establishing relationships between the domestic space and landscape through forced and obscure vantage points. The exhibition will feature sculptural, photographic, and sound components; installed to seamlessly transition from one to the next, while engaging the unique architecture of the space.

Ahmed currently lives and works in Chicago, IL. Arche/Structure continues in the lineage of his recent exhibition Tracing the Inevitable Axis/Point (2015). Ahmed earned his MFA from Cornell University in 2015 and is excited to be returning to Ithaca for this upcoming exhibition.

On view through September 6th


Dara Engler 
A pirate’s guide to survival 
Spearfishing for Sea Lamprey


Engler’s paintings are portraits of an alter ego, often rooted in exaggerations of her own experiences. Their loose narratives are allegorical, embracing human foible and the humor that comes with it. Her interest in the figure lies in these awkward obstacles to which we can all relate. Inspired by her time in Louisiana and Ithaca and by Karen Russell’s book “St. Lucy’s Home For Girls Raised By Wolves,” this pirate has adopted the curiosity of Russell’s characters. She is skinning squirrels, spear fishing for sea lamprey, and learning to build wattle and daub shelter. She is an explorer, running into new creatures in new lands.

As an artist, Engler has always enjoyed constructing environments for her character before painting. They function as stage sets that are translated into two-dimensions again before they reach the audience. The things she previously considered to be props are now as much a part of the artwork as the paintings themselves and they should be shown together. In her paintings it is often unclear whether the figure is outside or whether the background is a backdrop in an imagined space. Her work plays with flatness, pattern and line juxtaposed with the rendered form. The paintings teeter between real and imagined worlds. The inclusion of the three-dimensional objects further clouds the line between fact and fiction.

image: Spearfishing for Sea Lamprey, 2014, oil on canvas, 36in. x 60in

Outdoor screening at dark: 

presented by the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival 

Love Eternal– Brendan Muldowney; 2013/ Ireland




“Cured Redux”


nonameJoin us from 8:30 to 9:30pm for a visual and audio performance titled Cured Redux by Taylan Cihan (sounds), Tyran Grillo (words), Daren Kendall (material).
The performance will be followed by an outdoor fireside screening (weather permitting) of Giulio Paradisi’s Stridulum (The Visitor, 1979).

Screening presented by the Ithaca Fantastic Film Festival





Clara Chapin Hess

July 24 – September 3, 2014

Opening reception Thursday June 24th


I am beside myself

beside you.

And besides


are beside me.

One might say “we are beside each other”.

But besides that,

beside you,

I am a part.

Sets of objects, images, and phrases, placed beside one another elaborate miniature dramas. They function as parataxis, a literary tool which juxtaposes simple sentences or statements (without any hierarchy  or conjunction) to create meaning in a physical context.  Parataxis breaks down in the Greek as para – ‘the act of placing side by side’, and tassein – ‘to arrange’.  The vocabulary of elements presented in these sets are culled from the last two years and touch upon the weather, inter-subjectivity, desire, tragedy, feminism and chromology.  Through the ordering of these fragments, and gestures narratives can be derived. The stories are further informed by the fact of them being displayed in a domestic environment.  Station 923, in addition to being a space for art exhibition since 2011, is a home and frequently hosts guests, friends, and through airbnb.  These are just things to live with.

“Whatever may be either retained or omitted, without making any sensible difference, is not properly a part.”



screening at dusk by the

Ithaca Fantastic Film Festival:

JSA, Park Chan-Wook; 2000

JSA-vertSummer mini series at Station923: Revisiting political thrillers

Station 923 and The Ithaca Int’l Fantastic Film Festival are putting together a three film mini-series to re-explore the political thriller genre with selections spanning the 30 years before the new millennium from across three territories. From Park Chan-Wook’s, South-Korean, film industry game-changer, JSA (Joint Security Area, 2000); to the vanguard experimental film, Michel Deville’s Le Dossier 51 (1976); to Alan Pakula’s second instalment in the paranoia trilogy, The Parallax View (1974), each of these films changed the way we see cinema.

JSA, Park Chan-Wook; 2000

When two North Korean soldiers are murdered in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea, a Swiss-born officer is brought in to investigate. While looking into the murders, she interviews both North and South Korean officers and learns that the histories, and intrigue, run deeper than originally thought.



outlet_3aOutlet: Part I

Rotem Rozental and Roy Regev

By 1985, Israel had only three shopping malls: Clal Center in Jerusalem, London Ministore in Tel Aviv and Ayalon Canyon at the adjacent city of Ramat Gan. Much of the commercial engagements in neighborhoods in Israel’s periphery and suburbs took place in shopping plazas known as Merkaz Mishari, literally translated as Trade Centers.

Whereas the shopping malls signified particular perceptions of consumerism and consumerist culture, as these emerged in Hausman’s 19th century Paris and were later re-articulated in North America, the local trade centers were abundant in local mom-and-pop’s stores, catering for the specific needs of the local community. As oppose to the chain stores that housed the air conditioned windowless hallways of the shopping malls, located outside of the city center, the trade centers were significantly situated in the heart of the neighborhood and as such, their daily routine had to comply with the beating pulse of their varied locations. Intimate communal experiences and activities were negotiated in the plaza of the trade center, between the vegetable stores, the libraries and the local coffee shops.

In Israel’s smaller towns, the trade center is currently struggling to maintain its public appeal. Faced with changing economies, demographics, modes of communication and participation in the public domain, the hardships of the trade center seems to echo the distress of urban environments to maintain their individual identities. Outlet will therefore identify their emergence all across Israel in particular times, their common characteristics, inherent differences, as well as their functions within different communities. These observations, obtained by various media, are stored in a private archive, operating by its own systemic logic, which will be open to the public in the gallery. The trade center will be brought in to Station923, a location which in itself is shaped in constant transition between the private and the public, between the private home and the conductor’s storage space, between the cottage and the exhibition space.




Arcades Project

The Poem of Display

TANSTAAFL: Walk-ins Welcome!

art books + book arts + small presses + editions + multiples + games

Curated by Mara Baldwin and Clara Hess

Friday, May 3rd, 5pm to 9pm, at Press Bay Alley, Ithaca NY



caroline byrne show image

The Photon Articulator Museum (and Gift Shop)
Special Exhibit: The Ithaca Years
by Caroline Byrne
The Photon Articulator Museum is the nation’s primary institution dedicated to the history and memory of the Photon Articulator.
At Dark:
The Ithaca Fantastic Film Festival Presents:
An outdoor screening of Ishiro Honda’s Gojira



Phase II of Daren Kendall’s permanent installation

Screening at dark presented by Ithaca Fantastic Film Festival

Enter the Dragon  (Robert Clouse, 1973)



Opening on Friday, September 13th: 7 to 9pm

More Perfect More Better More Plenty

work by Mara Baldwin

Using Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Herland as a primary text, Baldwin explores themes of artifact, documentation, restoration, utopia, communal living, exclusivity, feminism, and science fiction.



WE THREE: Flemming Ove Bech, Fryd Frydendahl, Bernard Yenelouis 

Artist’s Reception: Friday October 11th, 2013 from 6 to 9pm

Yenelouis_1WE THREE: Flemming Ove Bech, Fryd Frydendahl, Bernard Yenelouis is a collaborative project done long-distance between Ithaca, New York City and Copenhagen in which each participant has circulated photographic images among themselves. The auto-curatorial structure of on-line sharing is shaped by the simultaneous intimacy and distance of three old friends in a sustained virtual conversation done over a passage of several months. The epistolary selection of images creates its own associations when installed in situ at Station923.




The Ithaca Years: Brummund’s Recent Videos

For the last six years, Karen Brummund’s studio was based in Ithaca. She made installations locally in Ithaca, Trumansburg, and Groton. She also traveled around the world to create her site-specific installations on architecture.
Videos of her work will be screened at station923 on Sunday, May 20th, from 7:30 to 9:30pm.
Beginning at dusk, rain or shine, we will enjoy Brummund’s videos before she and her studio move to Alabama.
You can see more information about her work at



Sculpted Lines

Kandinsky said that a line is “the trail left by a point in motion.”
So, a drawn line is evidence of the passage of time imprinted in
space. In this sense, drawings can be understood as sculpture, with a
two-dimensional form taking on a third dimension. Using a vocabulary
of organic lines and geometric shapes, Jessica Warner and Werner Sun
apply an iterative process inspired by each other’s works to create a
collaborative installation of drawings based on sculpture and
sculpture based on drawings. In doing so, they map out the fluid
boundary that separates two dimensions from three, object from idea,
and shadow from substance.

artist’s reception 6.21.12 from 5 – 8pm

show is up through July 12th by appt

6.21.12 At dusk: Preview screening for the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival

As part of the promotions for the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival (to be held November 16-18, 2012 at Cinemapolis and Cornell Cinema), station923 will host several free screenings of films selected by the folks at IIFFF.  We’ll be showing Down Terrace (Ben Wheatley, 2009; UK) at 9:30pm on Saturday, June 21 2012, directly following the opening of the exhibition.



Symmes Gardner

Ocean / at sea

Ocean / at sea is a multi-channel video and sound installation which explores the environment and nature of vast bodies of water as well as our concepts of equilibrium and imbalance. Comprised of five monitors and two projections, Ocean / at sea seeks to examine the complex association we have with these liquid entities as well as how we respond to them on a physical, psychological, and symbolic level.

All imagery and sound for Ocean / at sea is appropriated from a wide range of cinematic sources and music archives. My overarching interest lies in developing reconstructed visual situations that re-clarify and challenge our basic perceptual expectations. Ocean / at Sea presents oceans and/or seas literally through multiple lenses, exposing their unique architecture, fluidity, periods of calm and activity, and ultimately the power these immersive environments have on our consciousness.

artist’s reception: 7.17.12 from 5 to 8pm

On view through 7.24.12 by appt



Daren Kendall:

Landscape to Barn as Apparatus to Hand

artist’s reception:

Thursday, Sept 6th from  5 – 8pm

9.6.12 At dusk: Preview screening for the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival

As part of the promotions for the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival (to be held November 16-18, 2012 at Cinemapolis and Cornell Cinema), station923 will host several free screenings of films selected by the folks at IIFFF.  We’ll be showing The Chaser (Hong-Jin Na, 2008; South Korea) at 9:30pm on Thursday, Sept 6th, directly following the opening of the exhibition.



The Stationmaster’s Unspeakable Hobby

Brody Burroughs and Kurt Piller

On view from 5pm to 8pm

afterparty to follow

Dare ye enter the humble abode of Ithaca’s last stationmaster?

On Friday October 26th, you are invited to explore the uncelebrated history of this native son through an intimate immersion into his freshly exhumed living quarters/workshop, currently known as 923 East Shore Drive. Local alternative historians Brody Burroughs and Kurt Piller curate “The Stationmaster’s Unspeakable Hobby,” an exhibit which delivers an unsavory taste of our stationmaster’s unadulterated inner space and demons. What was he attempting to achieve there? Did he succeed? Was he truly yesteryear’s falsely maligned genius of pseudoscience, or merely a visionary farceur of the near-flung future? Only you may judge. Heralded as “the Pompeii of Upstate New York,” and banned in three Provinces of Canada, this installation promises and provides revelations on par with Al Capone’s Vault and tempts the viewer to dwell upon the indescribable confusion of habitat and inhabitant.



Arcades Project

The Poem of Display

art books + book arts + small presses + editions + multiples + games

Friday, May 4th, 5pm to 9pm, at the Historic McCormick-Cowdry House

408 E. State Street in downtown Ithaca

Spring 2012 participants include:

Mara Baldwin, Jesse Hill, Rachel Ferro, Lindsey Glover, Harpur Palate, Louise Felker, Essays & Fictions, Buffalo Street Books, dock2letterpress, LilySillyToys, Dacha Project, Lauren Valchuis, Kaleb Hunkele, Michael Brutvan, IthacaCityof Aslyum Poets andVistaPeriodista Press



Arcades Project Showcase

art books + book arts + small presses + editions + multiples + games
December 2, 2011

location: Standard Art Supply & Souvenir, 308 E. Seneca St., Ithaca

Arcades Project is an experimental marketplace of literature, art, and design, where local and regional independent presses, makers of art books and editions, conceptual artists, and indie craft vendors will convene to offer visitors an alternative and thought-provoking shopping experience.

Participants include: Sunnyoutside, A-Jump Books, Stockport Flats, Alexander Derwick, Louise Felker, Comet Skateboards, Preacher’s Biscuits, Lauren Valchuis, Essay Press, Ben Altman, Werner Sun, Kaleb Hunkle, Josh Sperling and Essays and Fictions


The Toy Chest Portfolio

new paintings and sculpture by Jesse Hill

Saturday, October 29

Opening Reception and Party: 6pm to late


Sean Montgomery

Shed Paintings

September 15 – 29, 2011

Artist’s Reception: September 15 from 5-8pm







Chris Oliver

3/4-0 over 96

August 11 – 25th, 2011

Opening reception: August 11th, 5 to 8pm


Video/Art/Ithaca #3

Friday, July 29th, 7 to 10pm

An exhibition of video art, animation and short film

Arzu Ozkal (San Diego, CA)
Hans Gindlesberger (Milwaukee, WI)
Julie Perini (Portland, OR)
Karen Brummund (Ithaca, NY)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Michael J. Brutvan (Ithaca, NY)
Nanette Yannuzzi (Oberlin, OH)
Soyeon Jung (Shonewood, NY)
Nicholas Adrian Knouf (Ithaca, NY)

Nicholas Adrian Knouf (Ithaca, NY)

Curated by Claudia Costa Pederson



New work by Lindsey Glover

June 23 to July 7th, 2011


Opening reception: Thursday, June 23rd, 5-8pm

Fireside film Screening at dark.

Hosted by Hugues Barbier, programmer at the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival

Danger: Diabolik

Mario Bava 1968
John Phillip Law (Barbarella) is the stern-faced title character, a sexy sneak thief in rubber bondage gear who steals millions in gold, outwits the police and still finds time to frolic with his miniskirted girlfriend (Marisa Mell).
The best adaptation to date of the eponym comic book, Danger: Diabolik stands as a master piece of Italian pop.


Arcades Project

The Poem of Display

art books + book arts + small presses + editions + multiples

A curated event featuring artists, designers, and independent presses who are reconsidering the idea of text, writing, and the book.

Friday, May 6, 2011 * 5pm-9pm * 135 The Commons, Ithaca

Read article in 5/4/11 Ithaca Times



ruined state(s)

Robert Andrade

Opening Reception: 8.22.10

Outdoor sculpture

on view 8.2010 – 8.2011


Poet Douglas Rothschild Completes his Walk from Troy to Ithaca

Reading and Reception

Hosted by Essay Press

July 2010


I’m a Stranger Here Myself

Paintings by Leslie Brack

Opening Reception: 5.25.10 (view images from the event)

Howdy Stranger, by Danielle Winterton, TheIthacaPost, May 2010


DDART Enterprises presents: Fireside Screenings

at The Shack at Signalcamp


The Year in Art: 2010 in Review, in TheIthacaPost, December 2010


Rent-O-Vation, DDart Enterprises


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