5.6.16: New season opens with Stephanie Clark


Stephanie Clark

Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor

Opening: Friday, May 6, 2016 / 6PM-9PM

Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor represents a series of new work by Stephanie Clark that considers the wood pallet as support, frame, and material. While walking past construction sites Clark realized that the forms of the pallets were aesthetically transformative and interrupted the ways in which she navigates and perceives her physical environment.

At once referencing painterly concerns and what it means for an object to shift into one realm from another, Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor makes manifest the transitions that we all make when existing within the constructs of modernity or post-modernity.

What does it mean when we relate to objects that are deemed unnecessary and what does it mean to repurpose and use them once again to build a new field or spatial relationship? How do marks and gestures represent a history, a genealogy and a physical remembrance of time passed and events impacted?

STEPHANIE CLARK (b. 1988, White Sands Desert, NM) is an MFA Visual Arts Candidate at Cornell University. Her work has been featured on the arts and culture blog, Booooooom!, Vancouver, BC, Canada; in Paradigm Magazine, Philadelphia, PA; on the cover of the Chicago Review, Issue 59:1/2, Chicago, IL; in Bat City Review, Issue 11, Austin, TX; and in Studio Visit Magazine, Issue 30, Boston, MA. Clark has exhibited both nationally and internationally. This is her first solo show with station923.


About station923

Located in Ithaca, NY, Project Space 923 is an alternative exhibition space committed to the uncompromising presentation of contemporary art. Our goal is to offer a platform for innovative and audience-engaging forms of practice in a community with few such venues, as well as to involve the contemporary art dialogue on a regional, national and global level. View all posts by station923

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