September Exhibit

September Exhibit at station923:

Daren Kendall:

Landscape to Barn as Apparatus to Hand

artist’s reception Thursday, Sept 6th from  5 – 8pm


9.6.12 At dusk: Preview screening for the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival

As part of promotions for the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival (to be held November 16th-18th, 2012 at Cinemapolis and Cornell Cinema), Station923 will be hosting the forth in a series of free film screenings, all selected by the folks at IIFFF.  September’s screening continues with the series theme of showing first feature films from up and coming young directors.  This time we’ll be screening The Chaser (“Chugyeogja;” Na Hong-Jin, 2008; South Korea) at 9:30pm on Thursday, September 6th, directly following the opening of XXX’s exhibition XXX.

The Chaser starts when two call girls subsequently disappear after being sent to meet the same mysterious man.  Joong-ho, an ex-cop turned pimp, leads a chase to stop the killer—a chase to keep a last bit of humanity in an absurd underworld, and, ultimately, a chase for redemption. The Chaser is a rare and surprisingly fresh take on a tale of a serial killer, mixing graphic violence and humor in a way not often seen in Euro-American cinema.

Since the late 1990s, a loosening of governmental control in the industry has been associated with a dramatic boom in South Korean cinema. With directors like Park Chan-Wook (J.S.A.The Vengeance Trilogy), Bong Joon-Ho (The Host, Mother), and Kim Ji-Woon (Tale of two sistersThe Good the Bad the Weird) leading the way, Korean cinema has established a unique and creative style, and won great acclaim in Europe and the United States. Na Hong-Jin’s The Chaser delighted critics with its precise cinematography and well-honed story, but it is its ability to tie in nuanced social commentary that makes the story feel so real-life and unforgettable. Na Hong-Jin established himself as a truly talented director with his first feature, which combines slick directing with ultra realism in a way that is rare, but should be a guide to future filmmakers. Na Hong-Jin’s has continued to make excellent films—his second feature, The Yellow Sea, was selected in 2011 for the Cannes film festival in the category “Un Certain Regard,” which recognizes “original and different” films of particular vision.

View the trailer:

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