Dec 2: Arcades Project Showcase

Arcades Project
The Poem of Display
art books + book arts + small presses + editions + multiples + games
Friday, Dec 2nd, 5pm-9pm
308 E. Seneca St.,Ithaca

On Friday, Dec 2, the newly-opened Standard Art Supply and Souvenir at 318 E. Seneca St.will be transformed into an experimental marketplace of literature, art, and design, when local and regional independent presses, makers of art books and editions, conceptual artists, and indie craft vendors will convene to offer visitors an alternative and thought-provoking shopping experience.

Taking place during December’s Downtown Gallery Night, the event will offer gallery visitors and holiday shoppers a chance to purchase affordable and original works of art and literature. Expect to find original titles by local and regional presses, art books, book arts, zines, mobiles, jewelry, silkscreened t-shirts, artist prints, as well as a number of original artist-made puzzles and games. Vendors include Ithaca City of Asylum, Sunnyoutside, A-Jump Books, Stockport Flats, Louise Felker, Preacher’s Biscuits, Lauren Valchuis, Essay Press, Werner Sun, Kaleb Hunkle, Essays & Fictions, and Josh Sperling.

Arcades Project also will host a curated series of works by selected visual artists who creatively explore the relationship between visual arts and the marketplace. Works include a performative interactive market stall by local artist Ben Altman who will invite visitors to barter using silk scarves screen printed with original works of photography, as well as Buffalo-based artist Alexander Derwick whose interactive virtual video-game titled ‘The Domestic Animal Entertainment System (DAES)’ will offer visitors a chance to travel throughout the Arcades Project space while hooked up to a video game which enables the viewer/gamer to safely experience ‘a range of fantasies from our universe’ in a simulated version of an internal world.  During the evening, Derwick also will offer an interactive scavenger hunt.

The event will take place on Friday, Dec 2 from 5 to 9 pm at Standard Art Supply and Souvenir, located at 308 E. Seneca St. ArcadesProject is founded by Danielle Winterton and David Nelson Pollock, founding editors of Essays & Fictions Press, artist Karen Brummund, and local art critic Wylie Schwartz.

Winter 2011 participants include:

City of Asylum


A-Jump Books

Stockport Flats

Alexander Derwick

Louise Felker

Preacher’s Biscuits

Lauren Valchuis

Essay Press

Ben Altman

Werner Sun

Kaleb Hunkele

Essays & Fictions

Josh Sperling

About station923

Located in Ithaca, NY, Project Space 923 is an alternative exhibition space committed to the uncompromising presentation of contemporary art. Our goal is to offer a platform for innovative and audience-engaging forms of practice in a community with few such venues, as well as to involve the contemporary art dialogue on a regional, national and global level. View all posts by station923

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