For Sale at Arcades Project: Hapur Palate’s New Issue

Image: from publishers website

Harpur Palate is a noted literary journal that is published by graduate students at Binghamton University. “We are currently celebrating our tenth anniversary like madmen/women,” the editors proclaim, and this year’s theme issue, summer 2011, is  Underground, as editors are seeking fiction, poetry, and nonfiction that “takes us into the subterrain. We want to see the underbelly of the world. We want to see its roots. Go gravedigging, diving, spelunking, into the subways and sewers.” Lee K. Abbott, Sherman Alexie, Marvin Bell, Norman Dubie, Denise Duhamel, T.J. Forrester, Alex Lemon, and Ruth Stone have all published in Harpur Palate, and the editors will be selling past and present copies of their journal on May 6 at Arcades Project.

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