graffiti alert

As you can see, it certainly looks like spring here at station923, on this downright balmy St. Patrick’s Day. We are so excited about the forthcoming season of exhibits that we have already begun to clean the cobwebs from the gallery space  in anticipation of what’s to come.  More on this later of course, but in the meantime, I thought I would share a message that arrived via a local community listserve today on behalf of the IPD.

Graffiti Alert!

Attention: Help the Ithaca Police Department apprehend those who are defacing our buildings.

In the last 30 days you may have noticed an uptick in graffiti vandalism. This is not only costly to the community but also sends the wrong message about safety and security downtown.

The DIA will be working with the City on a program to make sure this graffiti is cleaned up.

You can Help!

The majority of the graffiti present today has been reported and recorded by the IPD.

Report new graffiti to the IPD before you paint over it or clean it up. Become diligent in checking your property.

If you notice people with spray paint on their clothing, their fingers and hands, let the police know.

Call 272-3245 to report new instances of graffiti or let the police know if you see someone doing graffiti.

Now, while it is no secret my passion for all things street art, I have to say that it is no surprise that there is such a local commotion being caused by the kind of ugly scribbling that has cropped up all over town (mostly to do with anti-hydrofracking.) I sincerely believe that were the messages to be better-crafted, and the art prettier, this would not be such an issue. Where oh where is Ithaca’s Banksy? Someone please put the art back in this graffiti art. And to make matters worse, it now appears that it is literally unsafe for artists (and kindergartners?) to walk out of the studio with paint on their clothing without fear of a citizen’s arrest.

Instead of posting an image of the graffiti in question – because looking at bad art is bad for your health – I’m posting this image of my beloved winter aconite instead.

3 more days until spring!

About station923

Located in Ithaca, NY, Project Space 923 is an alternative exhibition space committed to the uncompromising presentation of contemporary art. Our goal is to offer a platform for innovative and audience-engaging forms of practice in a community with few such venues, as well as to involve the contemporary art dialogue on a regional, national and global level. View all posts by station923

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